Setting up your Fangage dashboard is quite straightforward, and after doing so, it is time to think of ways to reward your customers and fans.

One of the most important factors that can impact your growth & revenue are so-called “Superfans” who eagerly support your work, buy your merch or products, follow your projects on social media and actively share your activities with other people.

This relationship is key as you could greatly benefit from word-of-mouth marketing. One way to build up and diversify your brand is by offering Fans exclusive content as a thank you for their loyalty and support. Based on the psychological principle of scarcity, exclusive content can spark interest and curiosity, ultimately urging someone to check out what they could be missing out on. More on this can be found here.

Here at Fangage, offering exclusive content for your fans and customers is effortless and simple, provided that you have an idea of exclusive content that you could potentially offer.

In case your creative juices are not flowing at the moment, here are some content ideas that you could offer:

Exclusive Digital Content

1. Early Access to Unreleased Projects (i.e. music, videos & other content)

2. Exclusive Wallpapers, Phone Backgrounds

3. Exclusive Giveaways (Digital Content)

4. Exclusive Livestreams

5. Access to Fan Communities

6. Access to an Organized & Full Content Library

7. Access to Special Podcasts for Fans

8. Access to “Behind the Scenes” Content

9. Access to Room Tour

10. Video Tutorials

11. Exclusive Content Creator Packs (i.e. sample packs, photo filters, etc.)

12. Access to Fan Competitions

13. Online Treasure Hunt

14. Ad Placements & Sponsorships

15. Webinars


Merchandise & Physical Goods

16. Discounts on Merchandise

17. Exclusive Merch Only for Biggest Superfans

18. Polls on Merchandise Design

19. Stickers, Pins, Patches, Keychains, Lighters

20. Pre-sales (Merch)

21. Pre-sales (Tickets to Live Shows)

22. Handwritten Autographs

23. Goodie Bags

24. Personalized Tote Bags

25. Posters, Paintings, Images

26. Photobooks

27. Free Tickets to a Live Show

29. Personalized Jersey with Fans Name

39. Giveaways (Merch)

30. Giveaways (Tickets)

31. Gift Cards (Merch Store)



32. Fan feedback on current Projects

33. Personalized Video Messages

34. Personalized Happy Birthday Messages/Videos

35. Surprise Phone Call

36. Live Q&A Session

37. Fan Voting on Content

38. Social Media follows, retweets, etc.

39. Meet & Greet with Superfans

40. Reserved Tickets/Spot at Next Show/Meetup

41. Instagram/Social Media Shoutout

42. Video Call

43. Access to Fan-Only Instagram Account

44. Access to Private Discord/Subreddit

45. Social Media Takeover

46. Fan Quizzes

47. Personal "Thank You" Note

48. Workshops

49. Live Chats

50. Exclusive Holiday+Tickets to Show (Biggest Superfan)