Key Points

  • Fangage is the all-in-one website solution for your fan data, content hosting, marketing.
  • Use Fangage to collect valuable fan data that can be used to create superfans & grow your brand.
  • Host exclusive content, giveaways, contests, in exchange for fan data.
  • Low engagement rates due to complicated social media algorithms. The solution is creating your own database of fans. 

What is Fangage? 

Fangage is a user-friendly fan engagement platform that offers fully customizable Fan Relationship Management portals for artists, content creators, influencers, athletes, brands, and more to collect fan data in exchange for exclusive content.
Influencers can lock exclusive content until a user has completed a certain percentage of their profile. Users can sign up easily sign up using Facebook, Google, or Spotify and thus automatically provide valuable fan data like demographics.

What can I do with Fangage? 

Fan engagement is a vital part of your brand ecosystem, that's why we emphasize on including all the necessary tools to keep your fans engaged, entertained, and happy, ultimately increasing your revenue and success.

  • Create a central hub for all your new announcements, exclusive content, sponsorships, merchandise, fan experiences, and more. 
  • Host exclusive content like Q&A sessions, live streams, tutorials, contests, merchandise, and giveaways.
  • Grow your brand & have more intimate relationships with your fans by creating fan communities and automatically promoting your new content, merchandise, or announcements.
  • Boost your social media engagement by using social gates, choosing which social media platform you want your fans to follow on in exchange for content. 
  • Let your fans submit content or enter giveaways & contests. Easily choose a winner with one click 

The Importance of having your own fan data 

Influencers and creators are constantly struggling with declining reach. Only around 2% of all posts are seen by your fans. As a consequence, complicated social media algorithms require you to pay to properly reach all your fans. Based on this trend, creating and monetizing your own fan database is as important as ever.

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